The most exciting part for an entertainer is to travel the world, What is even more exciting is for people to host talented artists for their important events. It is so important to find the right wedding entertainment services, especially for your very own personal touch. Vivacity Entertainment aims to please in this area, and offer a variety of international artists in India, for you to choose from You have a choice of several artists to provide the best entertainment for your wedding, or other events no matter where in the world you are.


We offer a list of highly professional artists who are able to fit your entertainment taste. Some of these artists include girls’ groups. Amongst our girl groups, we have Classico who is a very entertaining, instrumental group. They could offer you the perfect background music to your wedding, or any event that you have planned.

A plus is that their music could also give your guests the opportunity to hit the dance floor. Should you wish to have a group that will give you a straight up entertaining dance beat, be sure to check out Silver Strings. Their lively music will have your guests tapping their feet in no time, and filling the dance floor They offer singing as well as instrumental musical ensembles for the enjoyment of any crowd.

This makes them very popular amongst the younger generation, even though our other artists are as popular too. Our international artists in India are very professional and can fulfill most of the needs for corporate events as well. The Quavers, for example, provide great listening at a formal dinner and could be a special addition to a cocktail party where guests can mingle and chat while listening to the group.

All our groups are glamorous, and professional, as they take their work very seriously aside from the few groups mentioned here, there are many more from which to choose such as Latina Americana, Loud Street Girls, and Brides Accordion.


These artists are but a few that would provide you with the special, international¬†flavor¬†that you wish for. The only thing you need to do is make your choice, and book them for your event Vivacity Entertainment takes care of every part of your entertainment slot. Once you have booked your slot, we take care of all the logistics, the artists’ traveling and set up. All you need to do is sit back and enjoy.