What sets an event apart and makes it a memorable experience? Thumping music by international artists in India. Vivacity Entertainment presents you with some of the choicest selection of international bands performing various Hollywood and Bollywood musical numbers. Interesting? We are just getting started. Our wide-ranging collection of bands and groups performing a plethora of activities from musical performances to international dance presentations, we will add a touch of charm, love, and life into your special moments making it even more special and memorable, not just for you but also for the people attending it. Check out our impeccable collection:


  • Latina Americana:

This eclectic group of five beautifully talented girls and a boy, this band plays music with equal parts of charm, elegance, and vibrancy. Every member in the band is incredibly talented and creates the right ambiance for your special events like corporate meetings, ring ceremony and so much more. If you are looking to add a dash of lively colors then this band is the way to go.

  • Show ballet Vatan:

What is more mesmerizing than witnessing a carefully synchronized ballet performance where every dancer in graceful sync with each other. Not just ballet they are also veterans in mind blowing belly dancing, fluid like tango performances as well as performances on your favorite bollywood numbers. This group offers its spectators the perfect sizzle, spice and everything nice on your special occasion.


  • Silver stars:

As the name suggests this group of charming women are veterans in creating a magical musical atmosphere which will leave them etched in their memories for a long time. They can jazz up your event by playing various different rhythmic instruments. Being recognized as an internationally acclaimed artist this group will get your foot tapping and leave a mark in the hearts of its performers.